Out Of The Darkness and Into The Night: Finding One More Piece Of The Puzzle

Just as the sun peeked over the Gulf waters in Santa Rosa Beach, I arrived just after dawn before the humidity set in on a beautiful spring morning.

It was breathtaking listening to the sounds of the waves crashing as it became visible over the long deck before I stepped onto the beach. It created an abundant feeling deep inside my gratitude.

I nodded my head when I passed fellow admirers having a sense of knowing how lucky we are to witness God’s creation.

I have a tendency to walk with my head down, admiring the white sand and secretly hoping to find a treasure from the waters; a shell, a piece of driftwood, some beauty in the sand.

As much as I love walking on the Gulf shores, it becomes a challenging workout when I’m walking on the abundant, deep white sand.

Realizing my short walk turned into an adventure, my disorientation unexpectedly checked itself in and I found myself looking for my way home.

My GPS on my phone lost its bearings, as well, instructing me to go around in circles so I found my way onto the nearby highway, a great place to start.

Walking along the highway, I realize the phone wasn’t picking up enough satellite to guide me to my destination. We both were lost.

What were my options? I missed the chance to ask a passing city truck on the beach and a gas station I ignored twice.  Was I humble enough to still think I could go alone and not ask for help? My greatest blessings have come from God. Have I asked Him for even simple help in everyday situations? Lesson learned. Surrender.

Admit I need help will be the first step. I decided I’ll ask the first person that walked past me if I’m on the right course. I was relieved when she assuredly said, “Yes, you’re going in the right direction, it’s just ahead”.

Now that I’m trusting that I’m on the right road, I immediately look down and see this perfectly, blue plastic child’s puzzle piece all alone lying in front of me waiting to be picked up.

Ah, another piece of the puzzle! My intention on My Midlife Adventure was to find the magic in every experience and getting out of my comfort zone.

The road was taking me further when I looked down to see a collection of broken shells in a little patch of grass. I remembered when I was walking on the beach, I didn’t see many shells. This path has been walked on by many people. Did anyone else down this path see this unexpected treasure?

I picked up a few shells to remember this moment in time and soon realize that they don’t belong in the grass and surely not in my suitcase going home. Seeing how this is all playing out nicely for my benefit, I realize that they belonged in their natural habitat, where they started out, in the water on the beach where they were meant to live, where God intended.

Now I can see how these turn of events was as an opportunity to see a bigger picture.

As I look back when I set out this morning, my intent was to walk the beach. A simple pleasure.

I’ve discovered how walking gives me an opportunity to have conversations with God in nature, just Him and me clearing away all the daily dilemmas in my everyday life.

When I lost my way, things started to turn around when I accepted the fact that I was off track, needing help, then praying for guidance from up above. Surrender.

This resulted in an empowering feeling of deep affection that I was being taken care of from a loving source.

On my life journey, I realize the further away from having God in my life, the more chaotic my life becomes. It’s that simple.

God works through people. Asking for help from others, my life has less confusion and more serenity. Another reminder that I was getting lost, not finding my way in my adventures because controlling the outcome was not the ideal way of living my life with purpose.

Another piece of the puzzle solved.

I now see my enthusiasm is feeling refurbished and how my life is feeling renewed once again. I see how wonderful life can be when you surrender and trust the process.

Tomorrow I will return all the shells that I can gather and bring them to the beach where they belong.

Living with gratitude when I can take a breath and pause, seeing how God and others are working in my life.

It gives me energy to once again feel my purpose and to witness the joy everywhere around me.

My lasting impression was loading my car to leave and looking up to see the enchanting dark blue skies with twinkling stars saying goodbye. Having more awareness of understanding the depths of how brilliant love is when I come into the light.