A Leafy Lesson

Today on my way to do some errands I get a nudge to take a walk. The cool breeze and the beginning of barren, leafless trees made it a picturesque day to be with Mother Nature.

Some gentle reflections… I clearly see these bare branches are antennas to the spirit world on a path this morning… then I pass a young mom saying to her young son walking off his path … ‘stay on the trail honey…’

I noticed up ahead an accumulation of leaves blocking a drain that leads under a walkway, draining it into the stream on the other side. I’ve been down this path before and if the blockage doesn’t get released, the walkway gets flooded.

I bent down being grateful that I can, I clean out the leaves blocking the drainage pipe. With a sound of a gentle release, I see the water gushing, flowing with confidence, continuing on its journey down the stream.

It was then I realized this metaphor showed up for me today as an important spiritual awareness, a sign helping me to walk forward on my life path.

Letting go of what’s blocking me is important because the flow of life will detour me in some way if it’s not releasing all the stuff that doesn’t work for me today.

Would leaving behind limited thinking encourage me to feel supported? Mother Nature suggests.

I saw how the leaves were blocking the healthy flow of water and letting go of the blockage would release it down the stream. Letting go really matters in the flow of life, encouraging me to do the same.

Nature reminded me how supported we really are!