Maybe This All Had to Happen

I wasn’t sure that I had the emotional strength to make this trip. The family reunion I attended this weekend in Denver was long awaited by many relatives but it came at a time when I had many family obligations; daughter married in July, son marrying in October, and husband working out of town, with the sad passing of my mother-in-law dying and also being on a budget, I regretfully declined the family get together. Another time I thought. This also would be an interruption of my daily schedule, a predictable routine that gives me comfort and security. I depended on this to give me control over my unpredictable life.  By attending this reunion, it would give me a chance to deepen my relationships with my family, strengthening our ties because there have been many years and disconnections over time.  Did I have the emotional strength to make this trip? As I sat on this aircraft heading home, humming along in the skies, it dawned on me that maybe this all had to happen.

I prayed to God for guidance, I trust that He knows what’s best for me. Things turned around fast when an unexpected invitation came in a text from my sister that she wanted me to stay with her and use her airline points to travel free for this family reunion. What generosity! I sensed that my sister was doing everything to make sure that I would attend. I would complete the attendance of having our sisters together. I was smart enough to take this as a sign and trust the process so I accepted it, not having the security and comfort of making my own plans.

My sister, Lois explained the itinerary as an adventure because we would be tagging along as in a nomads fashion, moving in different locations without the means of our own transportation, depending on someone else to help us with our accommodations.  Lois and I were taken to our hotel for our one night stay, then off for two nights in a RV with her daughter’s family and the last night with her son’s family. The plans were sketchy with the weekend filled with parties and hiking, catching up with my sisters’ families. Without being in charge and trusting others to take care of us, it was a challenge to surrender control, a comfortable place for me to be! Taking a deep breath as my sister Sharon grabbed my arm, we walked into the room to greet our family, and we were met with a roaring cheer of acceptance and love! Great memories were made with my clan!

Surrendering and accepting this nomad situation was necessary to receive in my heart the love I felt I lost a long time ago, the family security that I left behind and now depending on them to take care of me was necessary for me to receive the lesson. Relinquishing control and enjoying the spontaneity with my family gave me a sense of comfort, of belonging and feeling loved at a deeper level, taking me outside of my box, moving forward in my life. Maybe this all had to happen this way.