Kayaking On The Channel Islands

Kayaking on Santa Cruz Island at the Channel Islands National Park was a dream come true. My niece Sandy and I spent the day kayaking on the ocean while visiting with my sisters in California.

The experience was peaceful and an adventure I will never forget. Floating on the ocean waters renewed my spirit and filled my heart with joy.

Island Packers provided a relaxing and fun experience everyone should try at least once in their life. Everyone who worked there was passionate about their job and made everyone feel at ease and comfortable.

Standing in line ready to board our fun ferry boat ride was the beginning of our journey.

The Staff was so friendly and accommodating to take some fun pictures.

The scenery in all directions was breathtaking. I had fun exploring and meeting fellow adventure seekers.

My first glimpse was anticipating a fun excursion on our kayaks.

Amazing the gear it takes to ride in the ocean breezes. We felt safe and so excited.

Ready to go! I was a little scared getting aboard not knowing if the kayak would take off on its own.

I love this picture because it showed me the freedom of having an unique opportunity for an adventure even if it means going barefoot.

It felt so comfortable mingling with other kayakers even when it looked like we were crashing into each other.

Time to go home. So much fun and made some awesome memories.


A wonderful time spent with family in beautiful California and a dream come true kayaking in the Pacific Ocean.