Game of Life

Sometimes life offers clarity in unlooked-for ways unearthing my true self. Every so often messages come while walking in nature but today’s lesson revealed itself by how important hope and encouragement is nowadays while working so hard to make things happen.

I’ve been told in many genres that peace of mind brings clarity when I clear my mind and embrace gratitude. I feel really good this morning.

My day began with a prayer of thanks for another new day. A daily routine of reading and journaling sets things moving forward to enjoy my day but I notice there is an underlying drive for creating a productive day. It shows up as a young-developing habit being driven to be a stickler for perfection. Didn’t know that was a problem until today.

My granddaughter came over this morning before school and its always a delight to see her. She jumped into my IPad playing a fast moving and colorful game of competition with the computer.

She felt confident and enthusiastically tackled the first level with the sound of lively entertaining music and colorful displays of flash and fun.

What caught my attention was the morale-boosting, shouts of enthusiasm she received playing this fun game, encouraging her every move. It didn’t seem to matter how well she did but how much fun she was having.

When Level One was finished, she got a response of Magnificent with a perfect score and she continued with passion.

Level Two came and was accomplished perfectly. Another Magnificent response made the game very exciting.

Level Three and Four became a challenge. Morale-boosting feedback came through once again with shouts of enthusiasm encouraging my granddaughter. It came to an end with less then a perfect score. The message was delivered…

My granddaughter felt motivated even when she wasn’t being productive or perfect. She was encouraged by the game’s response that meant having fun and winning was just as much fun when losing and not perfect. There wasn’t a focus on a deadline and making things happen.

No judgement or criticism. I know it was lighthearted fun playing a game but I learned long ago that success meant serious-black-and-white-working-towards-being-perfect message from society, teachers and bosses alike. When did it get so serious?

This brings a mindfulness of my intention for everything in my life. What am I trying to achieve? My best work comes when I’m in peace.

When the feeling of being driven arises…. I pause. I ask…

Is my purpose to do it perfect?

Or does it feel pleasing?

Does it bring me peace?

How much fun am I having?

Then, when it feels right, I move forward and not until then.

The Game of Life.