Divine Augury Signs #2

“Ok, God I’m listening…”

I have learned to surrender to omens.  If I don’t, it tires me out with a ceaseless flow of doldrums.

Patience is imperative on any one of these spirited hunts as it reminds me how divine timing is always perfect.  What could be a blessing can turn out to be burden when I push too hard, forcing an outcome.

So, I wait.

Months go by. Many NYC license plates surface.

In the meantime, my lethargic, aging feet are getting my attention but it’s something I can’t control so I just accept my dumb luck as my resolution.

And I’ve been searching for a continuing education class for my massage therapist license renewal when I discovered a class online.

A Kansa Vatki foot massage technique in New York!

I have always been intrigued with foot massage when I saw patients in hospice suffering from edema and how a simple foot massage can help heal and comfort.

“Ok, God I’m listening…”

The story continues…