An Aging Perspective

My usual walk in the neighborhood this morning provided me with some insights. I was curious and welcomed the opportunity to look at the world differently.

It felt like any other morning, taking pleasure in my day-to-day familiar path in the neighborhood. What made it different on this daybreak was my awareness of change in the air. The trees lining up on the roadway were filled with rich green leaves, an outbreak of a new Spring season. I noticed how the breeze easily swirled, reshaping a new day, a new beginning.

As I approached my residential corner, I was met with bright yellow caution tape swathed around stakes to barricade my normal walkway. Road construction is normal this time of year but I was taken back by how much caution tape there was and it was blocking most of the road. I was at a turning point on this roadway deciding which direction to move forward. I guess it would be easy to turn around and chalk it up to a frustrating journey or take issue with it and find a way to continue. I realized that this portage trail is aligning with my life’s journey. My life is taking a new season as I am moving nearer my 60th birthday soon.

My life’s second stanza, the years after sixty rhymes with this morning trek being open to change, finding a new passageway, continuing my stroll this crisp morning with appreciation. This awareness makes me believe that today I can look at arriving at 60 years old as a start of a new season, to move forward effortlessly, as a new light that simply requires to keep going with an abundant gratitude list, enjoying a new season. Life has its ups and downs. I decide to move forward with enthusiasm. I realize that throughout my life there has been roadblocks around each corner in every stage in growing and I survived nicely. So why should this be any different? As the leaves change and I transition in my life, we are both witnessing a breakthrough of a new season.  A new beginning.