Across The Pond Adventure: One ~ How It Changed Me

Our England trip was magical for me in so many ways. It unearthed an expansive awareness of what’s possible and everything now seems richer and the sounds have become sweeter.

At home when I stepped onto my deck once again, this morning, I felt a renewed deeper gratitude when the birds started to sing, revealing itself in a surround sound sophistication with a tone of sweetness. Enriching my soul a little deeper and opening my spirit enough to listen.

I am listening God.

As I sit here journaling, searching my words to remember this deep awareness of appreciation, I hear silence outside my window. The birds have quieted down and I listened. 

It felt like the silence came with purpose. Time was standing still long enough so my awareness of nature can speak to me. A feeling of connection with Mother Nature I have always longed for in a deeper way.

Sitting here reflecting on my adventure, I ponder some gifts called lessons that come to mind while crossing the pond and the more I write, the more I see how this adventure came as an opportunity to heal some emotions from within.

This trip provided me with lots of opportunity to learn about myself. And it was time because everything has reason and God’s timing is always perfect. Time to learn how strong I am.

Some familiar feelings of withdrawing, isolating and fear came over me while on this trip, some inner child work that I have been working on for quite some time. 

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