A Seagall, A Cicada and A Ferry on a Child’s Journey

What a blessing to share adventures with my granddaughters! On a recent road trip with my daughter, we had a fun time exploring nature walks and more!

The highlight was feeding the seagulls as they took formation past Aubrey on the hotel’s balcony so she can feed them!

It was an escapade taking a ferry ride to Mackinac Island sitting on the top deck with a beautiful view.



We had to detour and take our fun adventure from the top deck to enclosed lower deck because of the rain.

On our way to Michigan, we stopped at a rest stop and she found a cicada. My venturesome Aubrey brings life to our journey with her animal connections.


A found heart stone in nature is always a welcome sign of love for us.


We love owls!

I am grateful to share this journey north with some amazing girls.