A Picturesque Journey With My Sisters

Just got back from a wonderful visit with my sisters in California. We explored a Seabee museum, reunited with cousins and more!

The long weekend began when I landed in Los Angeles airport and rented a car to begin my journey to my sister Sharon’s house.

Silly sister fun putting aprons on and posing for the camera.

Sharon and I thought it would be a nice remembrance to my mom if we made her spaghetti.

A big family gathering around the dinner table makes great memories.

Sharon brought out some old suitcases and we became fashion models!

A sister reunion wouldn’t be complete without going to the ocean for a picture so we piled in the van with our hats and Jeff, our driver and headed to the Pacific waters.

I mentioned I wanted a picture of me sitting on a branch so I was helped reluctantly up the tree.

I was hanging on when it dawned on me that I would have to leap down.

Thanks to Jeff I made it down safe.


When you’re visiting California, don’t miss the U. S. Navy Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, California. It beautifully displays their accomplishments to design, construct and maintain facilities needed to support the U.S. Navy. Their bravery in working under fire is remarkable with their motto, “We build, We fight!”


We had an opportunity to visit with our cousins and enjoyed a wonderful day with them. It was great to spend time with their loving, fun family.

My niece Sandy invited us over for dinner afterwards.

Thanks Ben for a delicious BBQ, the tri cut steaks were amazingly delicious!

Sandy invited us to color our place mats. There was an abundant gratitude felt with a gathering of family together sharing a meal.

Fresh oranges in California! I look for hearts in nature so this was a real find.


A wonderful time spent with my sisters in beautiful California.