Climbing the Dunes Through Childlike Eyes

Our first stop was Indiana Dunes State Park on our way to Michigan on a recent roadtrip. It was enlightening fun to experience the dunes with my daughter and granddaughters.

We were all fired up to accept the challenge to climb the 3 dunes!

Emmie started her climb shouting and giggling “Let’s go!”

Emmie watched out for me. “Grandma I’ll go in front of you so I can kill the poisonous things for you.”

My heart sang to watch with childlike eyes Emmie frolicking on her journey ahead.

I was amazed how much energy a 4 year old has! “We can do this!”

But Emmie took the time to be grateful for the enchanting view at the top of the hill.

And ready once again with bountiful heartfelt energy to enjoy more!


Emmie showed me how life is an abundance of fun and meeting every challenge with enthusiasm. Her shouts of joy encouraged me to enjoy the path even when my tired legs wanted to stop.