About Me

Hi, thanks for dropping by!

I’m Ann Karkoski and my home is in the Midwest town of St. Louis, Missouri.

My journey began in Chicago discovering my love of nature when picking woodland mushrooms with my Dad and my memories of traveling down the highway to see the country with my Mom.

Life inspires me to be more adventurous like jumping out of an airplane. Learning more becoming a midlife camper. Everything in my life started with an idea, an inner voice, or a notion and then jumping into it.

I facilitate massage workshops. My passion to teach Indian Head Massage has given me an opportunity to see the country and meet some beautiful souls.

Traveling has inspired me to blog my excursions on the road.


I take pleasure sharing stories, my insights and my blessings with others as we age gracefully together. My true passion is spending time with my grandchildren and my family.